Practical Stoicism

Practical Stoicism

Stoicism for the everyman & everywoman

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What Colleagues Are Saying...

“With his characteristic clarity and honesty, Tanner expertly demonstrates how Stoicism can help us in the here and now while simultaneously combating popular misconceptions about the ancient philosophy of Stoicism.”

Anya LeonardFounder & Director, Classical Wisdom, Author of "Sappho: The Lost Poetess"

“Tanner has a knack for distilling the complex principles of Stoicism into practical advice for everyday life. His insights offer a refreshing perspective on how ancient wisdom can guide us through modern challenges.”

Donald RobertsonAuthor of "How To Think Like A Roman Emperor" and Founder of Plato's Academy Centre

“Tanner is the most effective communicator of Stoic ideas to popular audiences I know. He brings the complexities of Stoicism down to earth and helps his readers apply Stoic thinking practically. He is a trusted and insightful voice.”

William O. StephensAuthor of "Epictetus's Encheiridion, A New Translation And Guide To Stoic Ethics"